HOA vs Neighborhood Association


The two entities are often confused. This note is from your Warm Springs Mesa Neighborhood Association (MNA). The Purpose and Responsibilities of a City of Boise Registered.

Neighborhood Associations are as follows:

The City and the various registered Neighborhood Associations will work in partnership to improve the quality of life within the city by:

1) Helping people achieve their goals for their neighborhoods;

2) Involving the neighborhoods in determining the best ways to achieve established citywide goals; and

3) Creating an environment which will encourage the building and strengthening of community within neighborhoods.  The MNA Board and its committees and activities are all supported by Mesa resident volunteers and voluntary contributions and has no enforcement capabilities. The Homeowners Association (HOA) enforces codes for their area and has required dues in many cases. All HOAs within a Boise City neighborhood are considered members of the Neighborhood Association where they are located. There are currently two active HOAs on the Mesa; Boulder Heights 2 and 3, and El Paseo. See the chart comparing the two entities. Contact us if you have further questions.

How Does a Boise Neighborhood Association Differ From a Homeowners Association?