Spring/Fall Clean-up

Help keep the Mesa Clean – please join us on April 14th – 9:00 am to noon:

STARCREST CLEAN UP: Usually open spaces in a neighborhood are maintained by the HOA and the dues they collect. Unfortunately, the HOA which was responsible for maintenance of the Starcrest entrance is no longer active. In that light, volunteers are sought to come out once or twice a year to trim plants and branches and gather trash. Reflective vests, “Clean up” signs, and refuse bags are obtained from the city. Usually the project only takes a few hours depending upon the number of volunteers. A team is sent out from the City to remove collected waste.

HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: Bring tools such as shovels and hoes, weed eaters, rakes, chain saws, loppers and hand clippers. Upon arrival they decide which part of the project they want to tackle. Snacks and water are provided by the Board. Waste is bagged or gathered into piles for the removal crew.