Please submit your public comments on amendments to the Starview Drive improvement project by April 16, 2021. Links for submitting comments are shown below along with resources describing the project and amendments.


To comment/contact Ada County Highway District :

Christy Little
(208) 387-6144


To comment/contact Planning and Development:

Project: CAR21-00008
Author: Kathleen Collins
Subject: PZC Level Development Agreement modification

Category: This application will be heard by the Planning & Zoning Commission in May 2021. Please submit your comments by 4/16/2021. A new Boise City Planning & Development Services application is available for your review. Please upload your comments into the “Agency Comments” folder or email them to If you have trouble accessing ePlanReview you can view all drawings and documents on the Permitting and Licensing Portal here: If you have questions or problems accessing this information, please email me at x-ref CAR18-00003 (Previous Development Agreement modification)


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