Fire Preparedness & Chipper Project

FIRE PREPAREDNESS DAY/WOODCHIPPER PROJECT: The Mesa is one of the first neighborhoods in the Boise area to be recognized as a FireWise neighborhood. Over the years the FireWise team has worked tirelessly to mitigate wildfire danger in and around the Mesa. Reduction of cheat and medusa head rye grasses on the perimeter of the neighborhood, thinning of sage within the neighborhood, educating residents on creating FireWise homes and yards, and offering free inspections by trained fire department reps.

This 2018 Preparedness Project is funded by a reinvestment grant from the City of Boise. These types of grants are only available to registered neighborhood Associations. This is the last time the City will fund a chipper project.

HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED: Residents are urged to remove as much juniper, pine, and other conifers due to their high flammability as possible.Tree limbs should be 10 feet from the ground and flammable materials beneath trees should be removed to prevent a “ladder “for fire to climb. Of course, all diseased and dying woody material should be removed. And branches overhanging structures should be trimmed back. Tree roots and vines cannot go through a chipper so should not be included. Branches must be less than 12 inches in diameter to fit into the chipper.

Chop refuse into 4-foot sections and have at the curbside by 9 PM Sunday night May 6. The chipper truck will begin its sweep of the Mesa at 7 am Monday May 7 and WILL ONLY MAKE ONE SWEEP OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

Email Tom Burns at or call 208-385-7254 for information.